1. Sabichi SA110411 1.7L kettle

    Sabichi SA110411 1.7L kettle

    1.7L cordless kettle

  2. Russell Hobbs 18157 kettle

    Russell Hobbs 18157 kettle

    1.&l 3kW rapid boil
  3. Breville VKJ556 Kettle

    Breville VKJ556 Kettle

    1.5L kettle

  4. Bosch TWK3A034GB Village Range Kettle

    Bosch TWK3A034GB Village Range Kettle

    Red 3100W rapid boil Village Range kettle
  5. Hotpoint WK30EAB0UK Digital Kettle

    Hotpoint WK30EAB0UK Digital Kettle

    6 different temperature settings with electronic control technology to give full flexibility. 

  6. Smeg KLF11 Kettle

    Smeg KLF11 Kettle

    retro style kettle in cream
  7. Smeg KLF03PBUK Kettle

    Smeg KLF03PBUK Kettle

    Retro Kettle