AEG Oven and Cooker Symbols/Functions

Quickly get up to speed with AEG oven symbols:

  1. Efficient cooking: Understanding the various symbols and functions of an AEG oven can help you cook your meals more efficiently. For example, using the fan symbol can help you cook your food more evenly and reduce cooking times.
  2. Accurate cooking: Knowing the various symbols and functions of an AEG oven can help you cook your meals more accurately. For example, using the grill symbol can help you achieve the perfect level of browning for your dish.
  3. Easy cleaning: Understanding the cleaning symbols and functions of an AEG oven can make cleaning the oven easier and more efficient. For example, using the pyrolytic cleaning symbol can burn off food residue and grease, making it easy to wipe clean.
  4. Improved safety: Knowing the symbols and functions of an AEG oven can help you use the oven safely and avoid accidents. For example, using the defrost symbol can prevent you from using high temperatures to thaw frozen food, which can be dangerous.

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Convention cooking AEGConvention cooking AEG

Conventional cooking (Top & Bottom heat) 
For everyday cooking on a single level. Good for everything from casseroles to baked goods.

Recommended use: Use only 1 level so heat distributes evenly above and below your dish. An additional level would block the heat

True Fan cooking 
For everyday cooking on up to 3 levels at the same time. Fan distributes hot air to evenly cook food without mixing smells between dishes.

Recommended use:Set the temperature 20ºC lower than Conventional cooking

Moist Fan (Bake) 

Get light and fluffy results when baking on a single level. Good for cakes, quiche, cookies, and sweet breads. Saves energy by using residual heat.

Recommended use:Keep door closed while cooking to maintain moisture in the oven

Bottom heat

Evenly brown bottom of food. Good for pizza or pie and finishing cakes or quiches.

Recommended use:Use the bottom level in oven

Grill (full-grill)

Evenly grill or brown vegetables and meat. Also good for toasting bread.

Recommended use:Use the top level in oven

Turbo grill

Roast larger meat joints and poultry with bones for tender results and crispy surface. Using a combination of hot air and top heat evenly browns food on every side.

Recommended use:Use middle or bottom level in oven
Use a food sensor to get the best results for your meat/roast

Learn the controls on your AEG oven with these official walkthrough videos

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