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Designing Your Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom's design is your retreat from the stresses that bombard you in life. Having a bedroom that you can relax in and switch off for a good nights sleep is important for healthy living and a happy life, so choosing the correct furniture in important when redesigning your new bedroom.

At Appliance World Manchester, we have a team of dedicated and expert bedroom designers and bedroom fitters to ensure you get the perfect bedroom design and installation. Call today to find out more about our new bedrooms and bedroom furniture on 0161 794 3030.

Bedroom design installation and furniture Manchester

Bedroom Design - Material

At the start of designing your bedroom, you need to find the right material to get the look of your room that you want.

  • Solid wood – This is the most expensive material for bedroom furniture, but you are guaranteed unique furniture with no two pieces being the same, with different knots and grains in the wood for an authentically natural look for your bedroom. It is a sturdy but heavy material, with the smallest of furniture pieces requiring 2 people to carry.
  • Real wood finish – Similarly to solid wood furniture, your furniture will be unique in appearance by a covering of a thin piece of real wood. This means it is lighter and cheaper than solid wood furniture, whilst retaining the natural and unique style.
  • Painted or Laminates – As the value for money options for your bedroom furniture, you are guaranteed consistency, with the look and feel, but at a fraction of the price.
  • Metal and glass – For a more modern look and feel, using metal and glass furniture would be your best option. They come in a variety of colours and are a cheaper option with a higher durability. They come flat-pack for easy delivery and are easy to assemble.

Bedroom Design - Space Available

It’s easy, when designing your new bedroom, to want every piece of furniture. However, you must consider and measure accurately the space you have available in your bedroom, ensuring you leave room for walkways and to allow doors and drawers to be opened with ease. If you are short on room space, there are options available for you:

  • Sliding wardrobe doors – instead of having to leave enough room for the wardrobe door to swing open, sliding doors take up a fraction of the space. They allow you to put other furniture pieces closer to the door whilst still being able to access your clothes inside.
  • Under-bed storage – Your bed is your largest piece of furniture in your room with king size beds taking up a huge amount of floor space. To utilize the space fully, you can purchase a bed with enough clearance beneath it to slide under containers for your possessions. Similarly, you are able to purchase a divan bed which includes pull-out drawers for you to discreetly store items in, or a lift up bed which allows you to store items safely under the mattress and slats.
  • Built-in wardrobes – Built-in wardrobes are especially helpful if your room has a slanted ceiling as you are able to mould your wardrobe around the room; not the other way round. They are on the upper end of the pricing scale; however, it allows you to utilise the space that you have available. 

Bedroom Design - The Look and Feel

Having a room that not only looks good, but feels good will make you feel most comfortable and therefore relax easier.

Choosing a theme for your bedroom is vital for this. Whether it be a colour scheme or a pattern type, you can find bedroom furniture to fit in. This can be easier for children's bedrooms, with cartoon characters being a strong theme contender, having soft furnishings easy to purchase. With adults’ rooms, you need to consider the amount of natural light you have coming in; well-lit rooms have the advantage of suiting almost all colours, whilst darker rooms need to have more thought on colour.

The addition of soft furnishings can really pull together your bedroom design. Having throw pillows and a rug can tie together pieces of your bedroom furniture to make your bedroom a more pleasant place to relax and sleep in.

At Appliance World, we supply the highest quality bedroom furniture to make your bedroom redesign an easier process for you to go through. Contact us to find out more about our bedroom furniture. Call today on 0161 794 3030.

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