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Added Peace of Mind: Bosch Repair Service

Jun 8, 2021 | Bosch News

Bosch home appliances are designed to make life that bit easier, and manufactured to the highest standards, with longevity and quality in mind.

However, should you find that your Bosch appliance is in need of repair, there is no need to panic, as Bosch has an outstanding repair service available to get your appliance up and running again, to Bosch standards.

No matter what problem you are facing, Bosch’s engineers will be more than happy to provide you with expert repairs for your appliance, both inside and outside of your warranty. You can book a repair online or by calling the Bosch contact centre.

What is the Bosch Repair Service?

Should you find that your Bosch appliance needs a repair, Bosch’s team of trained and qualified engineers will be able to repair large appliances in your home and small appliances from the Bosch workshop, many of which are located across the country.

In fact, Bosch has more than 340 engineers located across the UK, boasting over 400 hours of training, to provide them with unrivalled knowledge on the Bosch range and exactly what is needed for a full repair.

When you choose to have your Bosch appliance fixed by a Bosch engineer, you can also rest in peace of mind that any faulty parts will only be replaced with original replacement parts. In fact, no matter how old your appliance is, they’ll attempt to repair it, as Bosch stores parts for up to ten years after producing an appliance.

What Appliances Can Be Repaired?

Bosch engineers have the experience and capability to repair a huge range of large Bosch home appliances, including washing machines, tumble dryers, washer dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, ovens and more, within your home.

Should you have a smaller Bosch appliance in need of repairs, such as a kettle, toaster, coffee machine, or something else, then it will go to the official Bosch workshop to be repaired.

5-Year Added Peace of Mind

When you buy an appliance, an additional warranty and therefore, additional peace of mind can be a huge bonus.

Whilst all Bosch products are built to last, Bosch wants to prove this to you and share with you their confidence in their products. Therefore, when you purchase selected Bosch appliances, you will receive a 5-year warranty, by adding a further three years to your existing two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Bosch extended 5-year warranty will provide you with access to the same quality service and protection over your Bosch home appliances, for the additional three years. This includes the engineer’s labour, call-out charges and spare parts, should you require an appliance repair.

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Bosch has been creating home appliances for an impressive 86 years, with each appliance they develop tested to perform consistently throughout an extensive lifetime.

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