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B57CR22N0B Oven From Appliance World

Oct 15, 2019 | Neff Cooking Reviews, Neff Reviews

The autumn months are finally here. With the rain and colder weather also comes a desire to eat comforting foods that warm you through. While enjoying time outdoors becomes tricky now, the extra time spent inside also leaves plenty of time to refine your cooking skills. Home-cooked food is always delicious, but as we move into the darker nights and morning it’s also necessary.

Casseroles, stews and roasts are some of the essentials for any home cook looking to battle the challenging changes in season. To do this with real conviction, you need a great oven to help you out. With a depth of cooking functions and an outstanding build quality ready for all challenges, the NEFF B57CR22N0B Oven is the perfect companion to create nourishing meals at home.

Here at Appliance World we’ve broken down everything you could need to know about this premium oven. Read on below to learn more about the features of this NEFF oven and what it means for your everyday cooking.

N 70 Built-in oven Stainless steel B57CR22N0B B57CR22N0B-4

Unique Design Inside & Out

For those in the know, a NEFF oven in use is among the most recognisable in the appliance industry. Sharper viewers of the Great British Bake Off this season would have noticed the distinct door movement on the ovens below their work stations. The only oven that contains such a unique and ergonomic way to access the cavity is a NEFF appliance with the Slide&Hide feature.

In the high pressure of the Bake Off tent, the fact the NEFF oven allows you to smoothly retract the door into the recess below the cavity and out of harm’s way is invaluable. When using a model like the B57CR22N0B in your own home then the German-engineered system allows easier access to the cavity at all times. This means adding and removing trays is made even easier, as is opening the door to check the temperature of cooking meats or basting to keep your food succulent and juicy.

Despite the advanced system used in the Slide&Hide, opening and storing it out of view is anything but a challenge. The smooth hinges are easy to move with the addition of a rotating handle on the door, this means transitioning from peeking into cooking food to moving the door out the way is all completed in an effortless movement.

Operating a new oven can often be daunting, but NEFF’s intelligent design philosophy isn’t restricted to cooking functions. Using the B57CR22N0B is easy with the Shift Control panel. Combined with a bright, clear TFT display selecting the perfect cooking setting is simple, and when in use the display will also tell you the exact internal temperature of the oven. No more waiting and wondering if your food is ready to begin cooking.

Cooking For Any Occasion

For those that are passionate cooks, this model is ideal, and with a range of fantastic pre-set functions, even those who are less confident in the kitchen will find it easy to achieve consistent and delicious results. With 12 dedicated cooking functions packed into this single oven, the NEFF is future-proofed for whatever you may want to cook up next.

The star of the show for the B57CR22N0B is CircoTherm, NEFF’s purpose-built way of cooking that means juggling courses or flavours in one oven is seamless. It pushes heat to the back of the oven then focussing it through three vents built-in to each level of the cavity. By channelling the heat in this way the CircoTherm technology wraps the food in its own layer of hot air.

This means that flavours never intermingle, preserving the taste of your home-cooked meals. Using the CircoTherm with your NEFF oven is as simple as turning it on selecting it on the TFT display. If you are looking to multitask by cooking your main meal and dessert at once, then this oven makes it as easy as possible.

Also utilising this unique technology is the CircoTherm Intensive and Gentle modes. The former combines bottom heat and the normal cooking mode. This makes Intensive perfect for cooking dishes with a crisp finish to the base, like homemade pizzas. CircoTherm Gentle alternates the intensity of cooking directed at the food, using residual heat to apply a finish that reduces browning. This functionality is perfect for producing delicate and flavourful fish dishes without drying them out.

Passionate cooks can also be safe in the knowledge that the B57CR22N0B comes equipped to help with classic home cooking, such as bread making. The NEFF has not one but two handy cooking functions for achieving the perfect loaf. Achieving the perfect texture and flavour inside is reliant on good proofing throughout, this model has a dedicated function for your next loaf. Then once ready to bake the Bread Baking function creates a crisp outer crust that is only food in homemade bread.

N 70 Built-in oven Stainless steel B57CR22N0B B57CR22N0B-3

More Time Baking, Less Time Cleaning

While most enjoy cooking to some degree one job no one enjoys is cleaning the oven. This NEFF model two cleaning modes to keep your chores to a minimum. EasyClean is perfect for everyday maintenance and preventing the build-up of significant residue. All you have to do is add the required water and washing up liquid and leave the oven to do the hard work.

If you have a large spillage or are looking to perform a deep clean of your NEFF oven then the Pryolytic function is perfect for you. Blasting baked in grime with over 400 degrees turns messy spills into ash, then wipes away at the end of the cycle.

To find out more about the NEFF B57CR22N0B Oven contact us at Appliance World, with flexible delivery options accross the UK. Call us today on 01615 167859, or if you wish to find out more about the B57CR22N0B Oven or other Neff products visit our website for more information.