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B2ACH7HN0B Compact Oven From Appliance World

Sep 12, 2019 | Neff Cooking Reviews, Neff Reviews

NEFF’s B2ACH7HN0B built-in single oven is a simplistic appliance that looks presentable and comes with a host of different amazing features that will surprise you given its modest 59.5cm x 59.4cm size. The built-in nature of the oven means that its door would sit flush with the rest of your cabinetry thus giving you a beautifully seamless look. The door itself comes in a black and stainless steel combination which works in just about any surroundings.


Integrated & Feature Rich

Built in single ovens like the B2ACH7HN0B are a lot lighter and flexible when compared to their free-standing counterparts giving them the ability to be installed an elevated level. We would personally recommend having the B2ACH7HN0B installed at torso level if possible as this reduces the work of having to bend down whilst giving you a level field of vision for checking food and performing other tasks. In keeping with making things easier, NEFF have included telescopic drawer runners which extend outwards whilst fully supporting the weight of an entire tray and its contents. This means that you could take your food out, check the meat probe and taste a piece all without having to physically remove the tray and rest it on a heatproof surface. This built-in oven contains a total of four shelves which amounts to an enormous depth of cooking possibility not usually typical of most single ovens.


Lean Efficiency

In terms of the technical cooking details, the oven has a total of 8 different heating modes which can be selected by using the robust steel dial. Other than this, there is an on and off switch and simple LED touch display to control variables such as temperature and time. Simplicity is the key, and NEFF have achieved this by building a analog/digital interface that is about as intuitive as can be. NEFF’s  feature really sets it apart from other ovens in the way that it produces and distributes heat. The B2ACH7HN0B will create a constant level of heat by drawing in air from the oven cavity, reheating it and then distributing it back in through strategically based ducts. This feature works great for preheating and also means that you can rely on the even heat distribution to cook dishes on every shelf level. CircoTherm is also very economically efficient and contributes highly to the appliance’s energy A-rated efficiency.


Easy To Maintain

Maintenance is another area in which the B2ACH7HN0B scores highly. Ovens have always had a reputation for being difficult when it comes to cleaning. After all, no one can really jump for joy at the thought of spending an hour and a half furiously scrubbing burned-on grease from within the depths of their oven. Thankfully this is not an issue when it comes to the B2ACH7HN0B as   it is fitted with an extremely effective Pyrolytic cleaning system. In short, the interior of the oven is fitted with a special pyrolytic surface which heats up to around 400ºC and turns any baked on grease, grime or food residue to ash. It’s then simply a case of taking a damp cloth and smoothly wiping away the ash to reveal a clean oven that is as good as new! Pyrolytic cleaning is definitely a useful feature to have if you use your oven regularly to cook potentially messy dishes like roasts, pies, lasagne and everything in between. To keep on top of cleaning, you should probably aim to run a pyrolytic cycle once every two weeks as this will keep any dirt build ups under control.


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